Antoine Maurice Roussety, Using Old Knowledge in the Modern Age

To Maurice Roussety, working closely with educational institutions is incredibly important. Educational institutions rely heavily on having professionals and intellectuals willing to share their wisdom and help pass down generations of knowledge and experience to their students. It is this experience and wisdom that helps create a healthy environment where future industries and economies can thrive. Dr. Roussety, while best known for his entrepreneurship and business consultancy experience, has made huge contributions to the academic institutions that he has represented. Being a doctor of economics, he has reached the pinnacle of academics and has thoroughly enjoyed his role working for Griffith University over the years. Dr. Roussety took on many responsibilities onto himself while working as a course write for the university. That’s why to ​Maurice Roussety, Leadership Goals for Business Growth and Success are​ important aspects to being successful in every area of one’s working life.

During his time there he reviewed and authored Franchise structures, Franchise fees, Franchise system management, legal and educational issues, and why franchising occurs and Franchising theory. He also was a lecturer and examiner in Franchising and Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. This is the specialty subject which he teaches on today both publically at the school, as well as privately with some of Australia’s most well-known brands. For Dr. Antonie Roussety, franchising in today’s modern age is a key component for low cost growth strategies and young entrepreneurs. Today his expertise and knowledge are not wasted as Maurice has focused on taking his experience and skills into the private sector where he continues to work with a number of companies in various industries to help the achieve the growth they desire. Not only does he share his in-depth knowledge on analytical insights, but he also works as a motivational speaker weaving information within stories and anecdotes to help inspire, inform, and educate those around him. Despite the vast amount of knowledge that Dr. Maurice has, he believes that even with experience and expertise like his, there is always room to grow.

It is because of this way of life that to ​Maurice Antoine Roussety, Moving Franchises and Brands into the New Age is​ as simple as breathing. Franchises are still an increasingly relevant form of business investment for anyone looking to set up a branch of an established brand, with much less risk than starting a new business from the ground up. Dr. Roussety offers a 90-minute talk on the increasing popularity of online businesses and the demise of some big franchise brands. This is a powerful topic for new franchisers, and can help give them the knowledge needed to succeed and grow their businesses.


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