Maurice Roussety, Helping Keep Australia’s Infrastructure Tick

A country’s infrastructure is like a skeleton in many ways. It is the structure upon which a nation can build its economy, and flesh out its solid foundations with culture, economics, politics and science. Much like the skeleton also, it goes unseen by most of the public, except those surgeons and doctors who probe into it to find diagnosis when it doesn’t seem to be working properly. For this reason we often take infrastructure for granted, and forget the ease at which we can catch a bus or train to work or somewhere else, requires a huge amount of manpower, thought, consideration and logistical planning. For this reason, civil infrastructure is constantly evolving, and finding new ways in which it can prop up economies and make a nation pleasant and accessible for its citizens. Maurice Roussety is one such expert business consultant who has been sought to help some of Australia’s prime infrastructure institutions streamline their services.

Find out more about his work and ideas by following his account here at Maurice Antoine Roussety official account on issuu. One of the most high profile consultancy roles that Maurice Roussety undertook in his established and reputable career, was as Consultant to assist the department in its lead role in the Smart Service Queensland initiative. This project has many aims, and Maurice Roussety here developed a comprehensive face-to-face model to support a whole-of-government initiative known as Smart Service Queensland. This initiative focused on the integration and aggregation of services delivered by various government agencies in Queensland with the overriding objective of improving customer access and quality of service.

He also undertook extensive Excel based econometric and financial modeling of agency revenues, costs under prevailing and proposed hub, and spoke system , and carried out complex geo-demographic analysis of market areas of various agency locations, site mapping and service demand forecasting. This role was a great example of how key infrastructure institutions utilize the latest trends, ideas and knowledge in business circles, to help provide a better service to the nation and secure better ease of access around the cities on which economies are built.  If you’d like to find out more about his professional career, and other aspects of his expertise, then visit the following page here at Maurice Antoine Roussety, How to Turn Your Company into a Franchise.


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