Antoine Maurice Roussety – How to Create Inspiration

There are countless books and presentations about the professional skills that individuals need to make it career-wise. However, one of the most recent topics that consultants and professional speakers have started to address is that of inspiration. Inspiration is not something that most professionals have believed they can foster in their work environments. Inspiration, after all, is simply something that happens, not something that one creates. However, this is actually far from the truth. Inspiration is a product of environment and the right personality or character traits. This means that executives can foster inspiration through creating the right working environment for their employees and motivating them to work on personal and professional skills that foster inspiration in themselves and others. Because this is a relatively new area of business, executives have struggled to find proven methods of creating inspiration in their businesses. That is why many have decided to turn their attention to hiring out this issue to professional consultants who understand, into only the importance of inspiration, but also how to best bring it out in individuals.

For Dr. Antoine Maurice Roussety, inspiring entrepreneurs through motivational speaking is more than just a professional endeavor, it is also a passion. As an accomplished professional in his own right, Dr. Maurice Roussety has turned his attention toward inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and helping them get a start in the modern economy. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Accounting from Monash University, a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Leadership from the University of New England in New South Wales, as well as a Ph.D. in Intellectual Property and Franchise Business Valuation from Griffith University in Queensland. This background in academia has given him a unique insight into the business world and enabled him to better help others through his motivational speaking and consultancy work.

He has inspired countless business to rethink their models, and turn to better practices in the modern market. One of these better practices is turning toward franchising, rather than focusing on new avenues of business.

According to Dr. Maurice Roussety, the role of goodwill in franchises is what has made them such a success in our modern economy. His research has shown that in Australia alone franchises generate revenues in excess of $144 billion and directly employs more than 460,000 Australians through over a thousand franchise systems. In his public speaking, Dr. Roussety has continuously spoken about the future of franchising, and the reasons to get involved.


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