Dr Maurice Roussety, Being Inspired by Life Lessons

For Maurice Rousetty, preparing business for globalization is one of his acknowledged specialisms. Indeed, he is widely-regarded as being one of the most gifted entrepreneurs currently working in Australia. However, attaining this accolade did not happen overnight, and neither did it come easily. Goals worth working towards rarely are. So what is it that distinguishes the success stories from the failures? Of course, entrepreneurship necessitates ambition, hope, dreams, innovation. But perhaps more than anything, entrepreneurship is about perseverance. It is an undoubted fact, that determination, discipline, and persistence is the soil from which which success can derive nourishment and thrive. Indeed, for Dr. Maurice Roussety, life lessons from a different childhood have contributed immensely to his empathy for fledgeling or struggling businesses.

Dr. Maurice Roussety knows all too well what it means to face challenges in life and, more importantly, how to overcome them. Born in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, Dr. Roussety spent most of his childhood wearing full leg braces because of polio. His father was confined to a wheelchair after being left paralyzed by a stroke. He died when Maurice Rousetty was three years of age. Dr. Roussety and his two older sisters were raised solely by their mother, a strong woman who worked hard to make sure her family had everything they needed. Though life was often tough for Dr. Roussety and his family, he prefers focusing on happier memories, such as playing soccer with his friends and being selected as school captain for three consecutive years.

From a young age, Dr. Roussety exhibited many of the characteristics associated with entrepreneurship. He was exceptionally creative, and was constantly building and fixing things, from slingshots made out of elastic bands, to small sailboats carved out of wood. When he was 13 years old, his mom moved the family to Australia, where Dr. Roussety experienced what it was like to be an outsider. Speaking poor English with a strong French accent, having a darker complexion, dressing differently, and being much taller than the average 13 year old, Dr. Roussety did not fit in with the other kids at his high school, which often drove him into a deep depression. These experiences have led to Antoine Maurice Roussety inspiring entrepreneurs the world over.

Instead of giving up, Dr. Roussety decided to focus on his education. He graduated from high school, and then went on to study Economics and Commerce at Monash University in Victoria, as well as obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Leadership. Dr Rousetty also holds a PhD in Intellectual Property and Franchise-Business Evaluation. Since then, Dr. Roussety has built a substantial consulting business, and has earned a reputation for excellence through working with some of Australia’s premier brands.


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