Antoine Roussety, Building Your Business On a Worldwide Scale

Dr. AntoineRoussety fully understands that each of his clients’ businesses and organizations are unique, with specific needs and desires. One criticism he has of many motivational speakers is that they often tend to use a “one size fits all” approach to business development, Dr. Roussety prides himself on his ability to identify and focus on his clients’ unique style and corporate culture. Above all, he enjoys getting to know them and their audience on a personal level, which enables him to provide insightful advice to help businesses develop viable plans to increase their value and achieve their goals. For Antoine Roussety, Change Implementation on a global scale is only achievable through resolutely identifying your company’s core defining strenghts.

In addition to his personalized speeches, Dr. Roussety’s advice is also highly sought after because of the vast knowledge he possesses about the business world. As someone with years of experience in a variety of industries, Dr. Roussety fully understands what tools are needed to achieve success, as well as tips for how employees and leaders can do their jobs the best they can. This combination of practical experience and specialized knowledge is essential for effective motivational speaking.

As Dr Maurice Antoine Roussety on authorStream is fond of quoting, “If you fall seven times, then you have to get back up eight.” This is the message at the core of both Dr. Maurice Roussety’s personal and professional lives. Born in Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, Dr. Roussety had a challenging childhood fraught with numerous health problems and losing his father at only the age of three. After moving to Australia as a teenager, Dr. Roussety continued to face challenges as an immigrant who neither looked nor sounded like the people he lived amongst. However, as he has demonstrated time and again throughout his illustrious career, challenges are not something that should be shied away from – rather, they should be used as a motivational force to work hard and achieve one’s goals. Indeed, Antoine Maurice Roussety believes in building business on solid customer satisfaction foundations and is quick to point out that this would not be achievable without confronting prejudice and preference in terms of brand loyalty.

Today, Dr. Roussety is an accomplished entrepreneur and owner of a renowned consulting business in Australia. Indeed, Antoine Maurice Roussety has rapidly become a highly-regarded business consultant  committed to helping his clients increase the value of their companies through his expertise in finance, marketing, and management. He has consulted for some of the biggest brands in Australia, including Westpac, Optus, IAG, ACCC, Australia Post, and Coles Myer. His skill set is impressively diverse, with a deep knowledge for structuring complex business arrangements, as well as business growth and financial models. However, in addition to his capacity as an expert business consultant, Dr. Roussety also plays another important role integral to entrepreneurial success – providing mentorship through motivational speaking.


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