Antoine Roussety, Keeping Customers Satisfied: What is the best Way?

Satisfied customers are one of the building blocks of a successful company. A good review is the kind of review every company wants to have. A bad review must be handled quickly, to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer making the complaint. Bad reviews, as we all know, are not easily forgotten, and most of us, when checking a company’s reputation online, focus on the bad reviews, rather than the good ones. We tend to believe that the good reviews have somehow been planted by those sympathetic to the company – or by employees of the company itself – but we tend to overlook the fact that the bad ones could have been placed by trolls, or by employees of the competition. Even if the complaint was, indeed, made by an actual customer of the company, it may be that this person is simply one of those people who are impossible to please, regardless of the circumstances. For Maurice Roussety, overcoming adversity and preparing business for globalization is an everyday occurrence. He is here to help businesses with all types of problems, including customer complaints that have harmed its reputation and profitability.

When we want to learn the background of a company, we usually visit the company’s website. When we want to learn what the company’s customers think of it, we go to review sites. After all, there are a large number of them. Planet Feedback is one, and it has been in existence for many years. Yelp is another. And Trip Advisor is a third. Each forum allows its members to post complaints about a company, and questions about how to handle their complaints. It also allows the company to respond to these complaints. However, nobody can tell (apart from the member himself or herself) if the complaint is legitimate. As mentioned above, it might be simple trolling. It might be an extreme exaggeration. Or it might be legitimate, presenting the facts as they actually happened.

Dr Maurice Roussety, discusses building business on customer satisfaction. This is something every business must do. Dissatisfied customers will go elsewhere if their complaints are not handled to their standards. Sometimes they will leave even if the business bends over backwards in an attempt to help them. This is one of the risks of running a business, unfortunately. With Maurice Roussety as a consultant, though, businesses will learn how to handle complaints and solve them to the customer’s satisfaction as often as possible.


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