Dr Maurice Roussety, Consultancy to Ensure Success

Dr. Maurice Roussety proves to his clients that he is highly committed to helping them succeed in business. An extremely talented and experienced analyst and strategist, he has worked with some of the largest brands in Australia: from Coles Myers, Australia Post to Westpac. However, he is highly adept in working with different projects no matter what their shape or size is. To find out more about the projects he has worked with, visit Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety official account on vimeo; this will also provide valuable information about his capabilities in the industry.

Through Maurice’s trials and tribulations in life, his highs and lows, he has learnt one of the most important skills in business: he is an incredibly well rounded individual, with full understanding of what it takes to make business fruitful. His education background is extensive, adding credibility to his abilities. Maurice Roussety studied Economics and Accounting at Monash University, Victoria before completing a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Leadership from the University of New England, New South Wales. He also holds a PhD in Intellectual Property and Franchise-business valuation from Griffith University, Queensland; giving him the capabilities that have made him the expert in the industry. Through these actions, his highly interpersonal strengths and management skills, he has become dedicated in helping others through consulting, mentoring, and lecturing.

For Antoine Maurice Roussety, Tailoring Consultation for Business Needs, it begins with a 20-point plan to determine how to meet the business needs of an individual, at a bespoke customer focused level. The pillars behind his plan follows three areas: diagnostic, strategic, and tactical. The diagnostic process begins where a thorough review of a business is carried out to determine any holes or gaps in their current business plan; reviewing the efficacy of it to check ‘what is going on’. To make sure that the diagnostic process gathers exactly the right information needed, Maurice Roussety’s strategic proprietary instrument uses certain factors needed to get an accurate of ‘what needs to be done’. This involves examining the objectives, strategies, actions, KPIs, and Measures relevant to the business’ needs. The tactical plan is used to find ‘how things will be done’, taking the business’ key objectives and plans to ensure success.


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