Antoine Roussety Redefining Leadership in a Global Environment

In all companies and organizations, regardless of size or industry, strong leadership is fundamental to business success. And like all aspects of business in today’s rapidly evolving economy, the increasing importance of globalization has had a significant impact on what effective leadership actually means. Renowned business consultant and motivational speaker Dr. Maurice Roussety has more than twenty years of experience adding sustainable value to high profile brands all over the world, using conceptual thinking, a distinct talent for structuring complex business arrangements, and developing business growth and financial models.


Above all, Dr. Roussety has found that leadership strength is one of the most important determinants when it comes to success in any industry. In modern business culture, leaders must be prepared to succeed in a fast-moving, complex, and competitive market, being able to make the most out of every resource available to them. These resources include employees, who are the backbone of any company or organization. This is why Dr. Roussety stressed the importance of cultivating a workplace environment that engages and enables employees. When employees are engaged in their work, they truly care about the role they play in reaching the company’s objectives, which is essential to success.

Dr. Roussety also says that leaders who are able to manage their resources effectively will be able to move towards a sustainable social, political, and economic outcome, which is ideal for leaders or leadership teams of organizations with global ambitions. As companies grow and expand into more complex environments, such as across regional and national borders, leadership challenges also grow. Leaders today must be able to synchronize their organization’s mission with the diversity of their workforce, enabling each individual within the company to view themselves as an important part of a larger group, rather than a single component.

To assist companies and organizations in improving their leadership, Dr. Roussety speaks about leadership in franchise companies, and how to be an effective leader in his dynamic 60-minute motivational speech. What sets his conversation apart from other speakers is that he focuses on various types of leaders, such as those who ended up in their role because of a prevailing situation, in addition to exploring how leaders are motivated by reward and how behavior is moderated by their personality, as well as the personalities of their followers. He also offers a half-day seminar that presents an integrated strategic model on how to drive change in a franchise organization.



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